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Streetwear Tops Manufacturers

Since its inception in 2008, Jinfeng Apparel has emerged as a leading brand in China’s fashion industry, specializing in women’s high-end fashion. Our factory in Guangdong leverages over 16 years of industry experience to craft elegant and sophisticated garments for the modern woman, ranging from timeless classics to the latest trends, each piece reflecting our commitment to quality and attention to detail.

We utilize a variety of high-quality materials, including natural silk, fine wool, and advanced synthetic fibers, ensuring that each garment offers supreme comfort and durability. Jinfeng Apparel is dedicated to meeting the needs of global retailers, brands, and designers through customized OEM/ODM services, with our design team keeping a pulse on fashion trends to provide comprehensive solutions from luxury evening wear to everyday business attire.

We invite you to visit our website to learn more about Jinfeng Apparel or to request our complete product catalog. Join us in shaping and experiencing a new era of high-quality women’s fashion.

Basic Black Slinky Square Neck Crop Top

Basic Black Slinky Square Neck Crop Top

Black Metal Badge Contour Rib Bandeau Top

Black Metal Badge Contour Rib Bandeau Top

Bright Green Contour Rib Cold Shoulder Crop Top

Bright Green Contour Rib Cold Shoulder Crop Top

Black Cotton Double Layer Vest Top

Black Cotton Double Layer Vest Top

Black Rib Cut Out Front Crop Top

Black Rib Cut Out Front Crop Top

White Contour Rib High Neck Zip Crop Top

White Contour Rib High Neck Zip Crop Top

Stone Structured Contour Rib Bardot Crop Top

Stone Structured Contour Rib Bardot Crop Top

Taupe Textured Jersey Double Layer Button Up Top

Taupe Textured Jersey Double Layer Button Up Top

Everything You Need to Know About Streetwear Tops

Women’s fashion tops are an essential component of a chic and versatile wardrobe, offering a blend of elegance and contemporary style

These pieces range from sophisticated blouses and delicate camisoles to structured shirts, each designed to elevate everyday style. A defining feature of women’s fashion tops is their adaptability, seamlessly transitioning from office elegance to evening grace.

This guide will illuminate the unique qualities of women’s fashion tops in the sartorial landscape. We’ll examine the key styles, the variety of materials used, and the benefits and considerations of incorporating these stylish pieces into your collection. Whether you’re refining your personal style or seeking to update your wardrobe essentials, understanding the world of women’s fashion tops is key to unlocking a world of fashion possibilities.

Key Components of Streetwear Tops


The core of any streetwear top, the fabric sets the tone for comfort, durability, and style. Popular choices include heavyweight cotton, jersey, and technical fabrics that offer both functionality and fashion-forward appeal.

Design Elements

Details such as pockets, zippers, and embroidery add functionality and flair to streetwear tops. These elements can transform a basic piece into a standout garment, much like intricate stitching or unique hardware.

Graphics and Embellishments

Often the focal point, bold graphics, logos, and embellishments like patches or sequins express individuality and brand identity, giving each top a distinctive look.

Silhouette and Fit

The overall shape—be it oversized, cropped, or fitted—defines the top’s style and influences how it pairs with other wardrobe pieces. The silhouette is key to achieving the desired aesthetic, from relaxed to structured.

Finishing Touches

Hems, cuffs, and neckline finishes contribute to the top’s overall quality and aesthetic. Ribbed, raw, or detailed edges can subtly enhance the garment’s design.

Adjustable Features

Drawstrings, ties, and elastic elements allow for personal adjustment, ensuring the perfect fit and adding an extra layer of style and functionality to the top.

What are streetwear tops

The resurgence of modern streetwear tops stems from a confluence of factors. Influences from pop culture, a quest for comfort and individuality, and the rise of social media platforms have propelled the popularity of streetwear. 

Moreover, the endorsement from prominent brands and designers, alongside the emergence of sustainable fashion, has further fueled this resurgence. 

Thus, contemporary streetwear tops not only constitute a significant aspect of the fashion landscape but also embody consumers’ pursuit of comfort, individuality, and sustainability in fashion choices.

The Versatility of Women's Streetwear Tops in Modern Fashion

In designing streetwear tops, focus on three core elements: structure that combines simplicity with ergonomic comfort, functionality incorporating practical features like multipurpose pockets and special fabrics, and aesthetic appeal through bold patterns, striking colors, and innovative details to attract young consumers. 

This approach not only meets wearability demands but also highlights brand uniqueness.

Based on Design Features

Adjustable Features
Tops with adjustable elements, such as drawstrings or straps, offer a customizable fit, allowing the wearer to modify the silhouette or style. This flexibility is akin to the rising stem design, where the ability to adjust is a key feature.

Fixed Design
Tops with a fixed design, lacking adjustable elements, offer a consistent and straightforward silhouette. This is similar to the non-rising stem approach, where simplicity and a clean line are prioritized, often seen in classic tees or blouses that provide a timeless look without the need for adjustments.

Design and Art of Women's Fashion Streetwear Tops

The design of streetwear tops is a unique form of artistic expression that reflects the dynamic culture and individuality of urban fashion. Here’s how the design process embodies artistic elements:

Visual Storytelling: Streetwear tops serve as canvases for visual storytelling, incorporating elements of graffiti, street art, and cultural references. Designers use bold graphics, intricate patterns, and symbolic imagery to convey narratives and messages that resonate with the urban community.

Mixing Mediums: Streetwear design often involves the fusion of various artistic mediums, including illustration, typography, photography, and digital art. This eclectic mix of mediums creates visually captivating designs that blur the boundaries between fashion and art.

Color Theory: Color plays a crucial role in streetwear design, with designers experimenting with bold and unconventional color palettes to make a statement. Vibrant hues, unexpected color combinations, and graphic contrasts are used to evoke emotions and create visual impact.

Texture and Detailing: Texture and detailing add depth and dimension to streetwear tops, elevating them from simple garments to wearable works of art. Designers incorporate techniques such as embroidery, appliqué, screen printing, and fabric manipulation to add tactile interest and visual intrigue.

Cultural Influences: Streetwear design draws inspiration from a diverse range of cultural influences, including music, art, film, and subcultures. Designers pay homage to iconic symbols, motifs, and movements, infusing their designs with cultural significance and relevance.

Collaborations and Limited Editions: Collaboration with artists, musicians, and other creatives is common in streetwear design, resulting in limited edition collections that blur the lines between fashion and art. These collaborations often produce highly sought-after pieces that are prized for their artistic merit and exclusivity.

Street Style Innovation: Streetwear design is inherently innovative, constantly pushing the boundaries of fashion and challenging traditional norms. Designers experiment with unconventional silhouettes, avant-garde construction techniques, and futuristic materials to create garments that reflect the ever-evolving nature of street style.

The design process and inspiration for streetwear tops

Drawing inspiration from history, art, and contemporary trends, and visualizing the design, fabric, and accessory selection journey from concept to final design is an intricate and creative process. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the process:

Historical Review and Cultural Exploration:

  • Designers begin by examining the historical development of street culture, delving into events, subcultural movements, and pop culture imagery that have influenced street fashion.
  • Understanding the evolution of street culture helps designers identify how traditional elements merge with contemporary fashion, leading to the creation of uniquely charismatic designs.

Artistic Inspiration and Creative Exploration:

  • Design teams explore various art forms such as graffiti art, street art, contemporary art exhibitions, seeking sources of inspiration and creativity.
  • Elements such as colors, lines, patterns, and compositions in artworks serve as sources of inspiration during the design process, aiding designers in conceptualizing unique and expressive design concepts.

Contemporary Trend Analysis and Market Research:

  • Design teams closely monitor current fashion trends and market dynamics, analyzing popular patterns, colors, styles, and consumer preferences and demands.
  • Market research enables designers to grasp the preferences and consumption behavior of target audiences, providing valuable insights and guidance for the design process.

Visualization of Design and Fabric Selection:

  • Designers translate the inspiration gained from history, art, and contemporary trends into concrete design concepts, presenting them through sketches, drawings, and digital designs.
  • When selecting fabrics, they consider factors such as texture, feel, applicability, and their alignment with the design concept. High-tech fabrics and specially treated materials may be chosen to enhance the design’s modernity and functionality.

Accessories and Detailing:

  • Accessories and detailing are integral parts of streetwear design. Design teams meticulously select various accessories such as patterns, logos, zippers, buttons, etc., to enrich the design’s layers and expressiveness.
  • Detailing such as patchwork, stitching techniques, and printing methods are carefully crafted to accentuate the design’s personality and quality.

Evolution from Concept to Final Design:

  • From the initial concept to the final design, designers undergo iterative revisions and refinements. They adjust design details and proportions through sample making and fittings, ensuring the design’s comfort, practicality, and visual impact.
  • This process may involve close collaboration with production teams and suppliers to ensure that the final design can be efficiently manufactured and produced.

Through these steps, design teams can transform inspiration from history, art, and contemporary trends into innovative and expressive streetwear designs, meeting the demands of today’s young consumers for fashion, utility, and personalization while highlighting the brand’s unique charm and innovative spirit.

Unique features and design innovations in streetwear tops

Highlighting the unique features and design innovations of streetwear tops is crucial to attracting young consumers. These garments not only emphasize style and aesthetics but also prioritize functionality and comfort. Here are some key points to showcase the distinctive features and design innovations of streetwear tops:

Multifunctional Design

Streetwear tops often feature multifunctional designs such as detachable sleeves, hidden pockets, adjustable hems, and collars. This design innovation allows wearers to freely adapt to different occasions and weather conditions, enhancing the practicality and versatility of the clothing.

Creative Patterns and Prints

Streetwear tops frequently showcase bold patterns and prints including graffiti-inspired styles, pattern blocking, abstract art, and more. These design innovations reflect the wearer’s individuality and fashion-forward attitude, capturing the attention of young consumers.

High-Tech Fabrics 

Modern streetwear tops commonly utilize high-tech fabrics with features like moisture-wicking, breathability, windproofing, and waterproofing. These functional fabrics ensure wearers experience comfort and protection across various environments.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Design

With the rise of sustainable fashion, many streetwear brands are focusing on eco-friendly and sustainable design. Some brands use recycled fibers, organic cotton, and biodegradable materials to craft their tops while also striving to minimize environmental impact during production. This design innovation appeals to environmentally-conscious young consumers.

Personalized Customization Services

Some streetwear brands offer personalized customization services, allowing consumers to tailor their tops according to their preferences and style. This customization feature strengthens consumer-brand interaction and loyalty.

In summary, streetwear tops incorporate design innovations such as multifunctionality, creative patterns, high-tech fabrics, sustainability, and personalized customization services to meet the fashion, practicality, and individuality demands of young consumers, establishing themselves as a significant force in the fashion market.

Best Sellers in Streetwear Tops

Customization and personalization of streetwear tops

From my perspective as a customer, I can customize my women’s streetwear tops in several ways:

  • Size and Fit: I can choose to customize the size of the garment to ensure a perfect fit for my body shape. I also have the option to select the garment’s fit style according to my preferences, such as slim-fit or relaxed.

  • Color and Pattern: I have the freedom to choose the colors and patterns for my garments based on my preferences. Whether it’s classic solid colors or vibrant patterns and prints, I can select options that reflect my personal style.

  • Detail Design: Customized women’s streetwear tops can include various design details that I prefer, such as zippers, pockets, buttons, or decorative embellishments, adding personalization and uniqueness.

  • Personalized Logos and Embroidery: I have the option to add personalized logos, embroidery, or lettering to the garments, allowing me to personalize and distinguish my clothing from others.

  • Material Selection: Depending on my preferences, I can choose the materials for my garments, such as natural fibers like cotton or silk, or synthetic fibers like polyester or nylon.

With these customization options, I can create women’s streetwear tops that align with my individuality and style preferences, showcasing my unique sense of fashion.

The process of tailoring a personalized streetwear top


The process typically begins with a consultation with a shapewear specialist or tailor. During this consultation, I discuss my specific preferences, such as the level of compression I desire and any particular areas of concern on my body.


Next, precise measurements of my body are taken to ensure a perfect fit. This includes measurements of key areas such as the bust, waist, hips, and torso length. The tailor may also take note of any asymmetries or irregularities in my body shape.

Fabric Selection

Based on my preferences and the intended use of the shapewear top, I choose the type of fabric. Options may include breathable materials for everyday wear or more supportive fabrics for special occasions.

Design Customization

I have the opportunity to customize the design of the shapewear top according to my preferences. This may involve choosing features such as the neckline style, strap width, or the addition of built-in support panels for specific areas.

Fitting and Adjustments

Once the shapewear top is constructed, I have a fitting session to ensure that it fits me perfectly. Any necessary adjustments are made during this stage to ensure optimal comfort and effectiveness.


After any alterations are completed, the customized shapewear top is finalized and ready for me to wear. I can confidently enjoy the benefits of a garment that is tailored precisely to my body shape and preferences.

Sustainability in the manufacturing of women’s streetwear tops

In my approach to manufacturing women’s streetwear tops, I place a significant emphasis on both the environment and the fashion industry by adopting ethical practices and choosing sustainable materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester. This conscientious approach helps me minimize resource consumption, cut down on carbon emissions, and significantly reduce waste production. It’s not just about mitigating environmental damage; it’s also about promoting the longevity of each piece and encouraging mindful consumption.

In the wider landscape of fashion, my commitment to sustainable design is reshaping consumer perceptions, fostering a growing demand for eco-friendly fashion. This paradigm shift spurs innovation in my work, driving me to explore and develop new sustainable materials and manufacturing techniques that enrich the diversity and appeal of my collections. Moreover, I ensure fair labor conditions in my production processes, upholding the ethical standards that are integral to my brand’s ethos.

This dedication to sustainability also provides a competitive edge in a market where consumers are increasingly drawn to brands that reflect their personal values. By integrating these sustainable design principles, I not only contribute to environmental conservation and social responsibility but also position my brand at the forefront of the sustainable fashion movement, leading by example in the industry’s evolution toward a more sustainable future.

Testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers

CharlotteFashion stylist
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Wearing this streetwear top, I've found the perfect balance between comfort and style; its unique design sets me apart in the urban landscape, becoming an essential piece in my fashion-forward collection.
AmyDesign Director
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I'm impressed by the premium materials of this top, which offer both durability and a soft touch, making it a long-lasting addition to my wardrobe, ready for endless wears and evolving trends.
OliviaPurchasing Director
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The meticulous attention to design and fit in this top has won me over; it provides a flattering silhouette that effortlessly elevates my casual outfits to standout looks.

Elevating Apparel Standards with Quality and Innovation

JF Apparel is anchored in quality and innovation, with 26 years in the apparel industry. Our 200-strong production team ensures each garment surpasses rigorous quality control, earning trust from global brands like Lululemon and Columbia. 

Our design team, driven by innovation, delivers over 300 fresh designs monthly, keeping us ahead in the market. 

Investing in advanced technologies and materials, we aim to offer comfortable, sustainable, and functional clothing, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and market leadership.

Versatile Women's Streetwear Tops for Every Occasion

JF Apparel’s women’s streetwear tops showcase a unique and diverse design philosophy, aimed at meeting the modern woman’s demand for versatility and adaptability in clothing for various occasions and styles. These tops are not only visually appealing but also carefully crafted for functionality and comfort, making them essential pieces in any daily wardrobe.

From a design perspective, JF Apparel’s streetwear tops blend classic and contemporary elements, featuring both minimalist solid colors and bold patterns or slogans. 

This diversity allows these tops to be easily paired with a wide range of bottoms, such as jeans, joggers, or skirts, to suit different personal styles and occasions.

In terms of material selection, JF Apparel prioritizes comfort and durability, using high-quality blends of cotton, polyester, and elastane to ensure breathability and softness. These tops are suitable for various climate conditions, from warm springs to cool autumns, providing a pleasant wearing experience throughout.

Additionally, JF Apparel’s women’s streetwear tops incorporate functional design elements like adjustable drawstrings and hidden pockets, making them not just suitable for casual everyday wear but also for light sports or outdoor activities.

Overall, JF Apparel’s women’s streetwear tops successfully cater to the modern woman’s desire for fashion and comfort in diverse settings. 

Whether it’s for daily outings, social gatherings, or leisure activities, there’s always a fitting choice available.

Invitation to browse our collection

I’m thrilled to invite you to dive into our latest collection of women’s streetwear fashion tops at JF Apparel. We’ve poured our passion into crafting a range that boasts everything from chic crop tops to essential tank tops and statement oversized shirts. Designed with the dynamic, modern woman in mind, each piece harmoniously blends comfort, style, and sustainability.


I see fashion as a vibrant form of self-expression, and our collection is meticulously curated to empower you to showcase your unique style. 

With a steadfast commitment to sustainable materials, we ensure that every top stands out not just as a garment but as a testament to responsible fashion.

Craft Your Unique Streetwear with Custom Design

In my role at JF Apparel, I’m proud to offer personalized design consulting services tailored to your unique vision. Understanding that every brand has its distinct identity, I’m committed to working closely with you to bring your creative ideas to life. From conceptualization to the final product, I’m here to guide you through every step of the customization process.

My expertise in the latest fashion trends, combined with a deep understanding of material functionality and aesthetic appeal, ensures that your customized designs not only meet but exceed expectations. Whether you’re looking to infuse your collection with innovative prints, intricate embroidery, or bespoke silhouettes, I’m equipped to deliver designs that resonate with your target audience and enhance your brand’s presence in the market.

Dive into the realm of customization where each piece stands out, reflecting your brand’s essence and captivating your audience. Let’s craft streetwear that sets trends and elevates your brand. For a detailed consultation and to unlock the full potential of bespoke design, reach out. Plus, register for our newsletter to stay updated and enjoy exclusive offers. Let’s redefine streetwear together.

Frequently Asked Questions

JF Apparel creates a diverse array of women’s streetwear tops, including crop tops, tank tops, and oversized shirts, tailored to modern urban styles and trends.

We utilize premium, eco-friendly materials for our women’s tops, such as organic cotton, recycled fabrics, and soft, breathable blends, ensuring both style and sustainability.

Yes, JF Apparel provides extensive customization services for women’s streetwear tops, offering options like unique prints, detailed embroidery, and personalized designs to meet your brand’s vision.

The standard turnaround time for orders of women’s streetwear tops is 2-4 weeks, varying based on the complexity and volume of the order.

To verify the quality and design of our women’s streetwear tops, you’re encouraged to request samples. This allows you to firsthand experience the quality of fabrics and craftsmanship before committing to a larger order.

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