JFapparel's Extra Services

Big Data Product Selection

JFapparel big data team

Our Big Data Team Regularly Provides Insights into the World’s Best-Selling Products, Including:

  • Market dynamics data for your strategic reference.
  • Images or links of products that are currently trending.
  • Sales data from your competitors to guide your strategy.
  • New product designs created through big data analysis, available for your brand to order.

Packaging Design

Packaging boxes/bags design

Packaging boxes/bags design

Starting at $50, quoted on a case-by-case basis.

We also offer in-house production solutions for packaging in small quantities.

Product labels/manuals design

Starting at $30, quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Customize the labels and manuals of your product to gain more competitive advantages.

Product labels/manuals design

Providing New Fabrics

Guangzhou International Fabric Trade Center in China
Fashion design draft data package
Designed samples
Discovering Trendy New Fabrics

Our suppliers frequently introduce new fabric varieties, and our designers weekly visit China’s largest textile market, Zhongda, to discover new materials.Labor cost of $60 per day, offered free of charge.

Sample Creation from Design

If you provide a design package, we’ll find matching fabrics and create a new sample within three days. Labor valued at $150 is provided at no cost.

Fabric Sample Sourcing

Provide a sample,and we’ll source the matching fabric within a day. In three days, we can produce a replica of the original garment. Both the sample creation, valued at $50, and pattern making, valued at $100, are offered free of charge.

Quality Inspection

Check the fabric
Check quality
Packing cartons
1-by -1 Product inspection
Available at a labor rate of $5/hour. We highly recommend Amazon sellers to use this service to minimize the defect rate to 0.free of charge
Mid-term inspection

We can conduct mid-term inspections wherever needed to ensure the production process is going as you expected.

Final Inspection Before packing,

Before shipping, we verify order quantities, inspect each box’s weight and count, and create a quality report. This guarantees accuracy and timely arrival at your warehouse, letting you track progress seamlessly.

Warehousing & Labor

JF apparel Prcing&Plans

After the complimentary warehousing period offered in your primary service package ends, you have the option to keep utilizing our storage facilities for a fee of $10 per cubic meter (CBM) per month.

Additionally, our workforce is at your disposal for a range of tasks such as packing products, bundling, conducting repairs, and affixing FNSKU stickers, all at a cost of $5 per hour. The price for FNSKU stickers begins at $0.03 apiece.

Designers are making data packages according to customer requirements

We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix                 “@jf-apparel.net”

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