New Product Development from Scratch


Design Consultation and Estimating Your Project Costs

We arrange for you China’s finest product development designers and sample technicians, offering a detailed cost breakdown for your product development, including prototypes, molding, testing, bulk orders, packaging, and shipping costs. We also provide the best advice on processes, materials, and packaging.


Creating a New Version from Your Product Concept Drawings or Tech Packs

Our factory’s technical department will produce a new version based on your designs. The development of a new version starts at a cost ranging from $50 to $100 and can be completed within 3-7 days.

When you provide a sample garment, our team meticulously analyzes and replicates its design, incorporating any desired modifications. This hands-on approach ensures a precise development process, tailoring the final product to meet your specifications with accuracy and efficiency.

Leveraging detailed tech packs you provide, our development team crafts your product with precision, ensuring every specification, from materials to measurements, is followed closely. This method streamlines the production process, enabling a seamless transition from concept to final product.



Custom Packaging for Your Product

There’s no need for you to search for packaging factories and designers on your own. We collaborate with numerous packaging factories offering the most favorable prices, and our in-house designers are here to assist in designing your packaging and making modifications until you are completely satisfied.


Start mass production and arrange shipment

After the samples are perfected, mass production will begin. We will help you follow up on wholesale production and make sure the product quality is good before shipping out of China.

Our Amazon FBA Prep Services are specifically designed to assist sellers in navigating the complexities of preparing products for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). From ensuring that your items are packaged and labeled according to Amazon's stringent requirements to managing the logistics of sending your inventory to Amazon's fulfillment centers, we provide a comprehensive solution to make your selling process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. With our expert guidance, you can focus on growing your business, confident that your products will meet all of Amazon's standards for fulfillment. Let us help you streamline your FBA preparation, saving you time and ensuring a seamless transition into Amazon's ecosystem.
Designers are making data packages according to customer requirements

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