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Unlocking Our Process: Your Pathway to Seamless Collaboration

Welcome to our Process Insights page! Understanding the details of how we operate is crucial to establishing a successful partnership.

Here, we will show you our complete business process, from initial client contact to final product delivery. Our aim is to ensure every client clearly understands how their projects are meticulously handled and that we maintain the highest industry standards at every step. 

Whether you are a first-time inquirer or a long-term partner, the information provided here will help you better understand how we cater to your needs, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free collaboration every time.

Branding Files

Your logos in vector files format like .AI, .PSD, .EPS, .SVG or .PDF.


Tech packs or if you don't have them, at least 3 high-resolution reference images in different views or sketches.

Artwork Files

Files for print, embroidery, notions and packaging must be in vector file format with dimensions stated


A size chart of garment measurements for each design. Do note that body measurements can’t be used.

Creating a Swift Process for Your Clothing

Explore our swift process to understand how each step from design to final product is efficiently coordinated, ensuring your clothing needs are met quickly.

Four Steps to Dropshipping with JF Apparel

Step 1 :

 Initial Contact

After submitting your inquiry, we will discuss your project requirements and send you a link to the order form for submitting your designs.

Step 2 :

Design Submission

Once we receive your designs, we will prepare and send you a customized price estimate for your project.

Fashion design draft data package
The image depicts a stylish and modern office environment specifically tailored for fashion design. In the foreground, a large, elegant desk is set with a sleek, high-resolution monitor displaying a webpage labeled "FAQs" in an elegant, easy-to-read font. The desk is neatly arranged with fashion sketches, fabric swatches, and a digital tablet showing a list of frequently asked questions, emphasizing a professional yet creative workspace.

Step 3:

Product Development (1-2 weeks)

Don’t have a tech pack? No problem—we can draft and design one for you. The tech pack will include technical information, details, and instructions that will be relayed to our factory’s sample development team to create your garment samples.

Step 4 :

Material Sourcing (1-3 days)

After the price estimate is accepted, we will ask you to send us samples for fitting and sizing references. We will begin sourcing suitable fabrics and trims for your designs and send them to you for selection.


Step 5 :

Sample Creation (1-2 weeks)

While the material sourcing is underway, our in-house design team will help finalize the details and develop tech packs for your designs. We will send these tech packs to you for confirmation before starting on the samples. Please note that since everything is made from scratch, it typically takes two rounds of samples to get all the details right and ready for bulk production.

Step 6 :

Bulk Production (4-6 weeks)

Once you are satisfied with the samples and have approved them, we will commence bulk production.

A clothing quality inspector is inspecting the quality of clothing, a picture of a magnifying glass on clothing

Step 7 :

Quality Control (2-3 days)

Upon completion of bulk production, our quality control team will inspect the products to ensure there are no issues. We will mend any pieces and correct any issues before the products are sent to the packaging department.

Step 8 :

Packing and Shipping (2-3 days, excluding delivery time)

We’ve reached the final step! We will handle the shipping paperwork and arrange for your products to be shipped to your doorstep. At this stage, you will be required to make the final payment for the balance and shipping before we dispatch your products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to produce a sample?
A: Sample production typically takes 5-7 days, but we also offer expedited services that can complete samples in 3 days.

Q: Can you handle large volume orders?
A: Yes, we have efficient production capabilities and can handle large volume orders, completing production within 15-25 days.

Q: What are your quality control standards?
A: We have a stringent quality control process to ensure every product meets high standards. Each product undergoes multiple inspections at different stages of production.

Q: How can I view the complete FAQ?
A: For more detailed information, please check our comprehensive FAQ page.

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