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Finding a reliable apparel supplier and ensuring flawless production is a challenging task. As a leading clothing manufacturer, JF Apparel is responsible for the entire manufacturing process from fashion design Developmentand production to product delivery


No experience needed as a professional manufacturer will handle everything for you.

Here's How we Can Help You

Quality OEM/ODM Clothing Manufacturer

Our services cover everything from clothing design and personalization to labeling and packaging, streamlining the process and simplifying the customization of top-notch apparel.

Serving a Wide Range of Customers

As your dedicated partner, Jinfeng Apparel tailors its services to align with the distinct requirements of your fashion enterprise,
ensuring a perfect fit for various buyer types.
High-End Brand Collaboration

High-End Brand Collaboration

Specializing in luxury, Jinfeng Apparel crafts exclusive, high-quality women's fashion. Perfect for brands seeking uniqueness with low MOQs
Fast Fashion Retail Support

Fast Fashion Retail Support

Accelerate trend adoption with Jinfeng Apparel's rapid production for fast fashion retailers. High volume, quick turnaround.

Sustainable Fashion Partnerships

Eco-friendly fashion made simple with Jinfeng Apparel. GRS and OCS certified materials for sustainable brands. Low MOQs
Wholesale Partnerships

Wholesale Partnerships

Bulk orders made easy with Jinfeng Apparel. Competitive pricing and fast delivery for wholesalers stocking high-quality women's wear

Discover Our Wide Range of Fashion Collections


Discover our development capabilities and production advantages. From elegant dresses and chic tops to versatile skirts, stylish jumpsuits, coordinated sets, and lingerie, we showcase our product range designed to elevate your style. We make custom high-quality garment production simple and convenient.

Ask Us About Our Products

At JFapparel, we offer over 3000 clothing styles. Request your free quote from us today!

About JF Apparel

Your Trusted Factory Partner

Your Trusted Factory Partner JF Apparel is a Women's Clothing Manufacturer dedicated to offering customized solutions that assist clients worldwide in rapidly bringing their products to market. We also specialize in new product development services.

We are more than just a Custom Clothing supplier; we are your trusted innovative ally, committed to delivering excellence in every product.

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Supporting you every step of the way.

What problems can we help you solve?

We adopt a team-oriented mindset and consider ourselves part of your team, working together in collaboration. Our constant support and guidance will be by your side throughout the entire manufacturing process, ensuring you never have to face it alone.


Reduce Your Inventory Risk

Utilize our small MOQ of only 6 designs with 100-200 pieces per design to prevent deadstock and oversupply. This way, you can effectively test what works and what doesn't for your new brand, while minimizing waste and costs for our planet.
Exquisite Garment Craftsmanship


Transform Your Creative Ideas Into Reality

Communicate your concept and vision with us, and let us assist you in bringing them to fruition. We specialize in developing your ideas and leading the clothing manufacturing process, allowing you to concentrate on marketing and establishing your brand.
Designer Tina is checking the new design


Our Quality is Guaranteed

Our strict adherence to industry standards and commitment to integrity sets us apart. Our dedication to producing top-quality clothing is reflected in our reviews, a testament to our high standards.
An image depicting the Jinfeng Apparel production team meticulously working on garment details, emphasizing the importance of each step in the manufacturing process. The image highlights our commitment to quality and precision, even when preparing for expedited orders for strategic partners.n garments


Get Lower Prices as You Expand

Our pricing tiers and discounts for larger orders are sure to catch your attention. And as your brand and business expand, you can expect increased margins as you continue to work with us.
Sheath blue Beaded Glitter Homecoming Dress front..

What do we produce?

Women's Clothing
(Woven Garments, Knitwear, Women's fashion, Activewear, Sportswear)

How We Stand Out From Other Manufacturers

We place great emphasis on product quality. Compared to third-party inspection companies, we conduct a higher ratio of product checks and offer this service free of charge. Moreover, we are the only apparel manufacturer that provides one-on-one inspections to reduce the defect rate to zero.

Helping our clients secure competitive prices is one of our primary goals.

While many apparel manufacturers attract new clients with low service fees, they often quote high product prices. On the other hand, we are transparent and encourage our clients to compare product prices to ensure they always receive competitive quotes from us.

We take every customer seriously, regardless of the order size, as our goal is to build long-term partnerships. Unlike other Chinese manufacturers and suppliers, if you receive defective products, we will make every effort to obtain compensation and minimize your losses to the greatest extent possible.

Our company boasts over 200 employees, each with years of experience in garment manufacturing. In contrast, most other factories have smaller teams of fewer than 10 people, with expertise limited to specific production categories.

Our warehouse features a dedicated production department, setting us apart from many other factories. We are capable of handling packaging tasks others cannot, including highly customized packaging for small orders, purchasing accessories to create bundled products, and conducting thorough inspections of products.

For large-scale or rapidly expanding companies, we offer a suite of additional services. This includes assigning a team of up to 20 people and providing credit payment terms upon receipt of goods, among others.

1000+ Clients Trust JFapparel

We have clients with various business all over the world. Listen to what they’ve said about us.
Working with JF apparel has been a fortunate experience, as I have found a clothing manufacturer with a consistently high standard for my products. In addition, they have provided valuable guidance throughout the manufacturing process, contributing to the growth of my business.
Emma Williams
Our experience with the JF apparel team has been exceptional. Sandra, Laura, and Cynthia are all highly efficient and provide excellent assistance. Their professionalism and vast knowledge in all production aspects have been invaluable. We are grateful to have them as our partners.
Ethan Harrington,
My overall experience with JF Apparel has been positive. The team there acts as an extension of your own team, providing helpful guidance. Additionally, the quality of their clothing is exceptional.
women tops work
Designer Director
The delivered work has been exceptional in terms of timeliness and quality, with the samples and final garments crafted to meet the high standards of luxury. We are pleased to announce the start of our first collection with JF Apparel, made possible through effective communication. Thank you!
Madison Cooper
Global Procurement

Ready to Elevate Your Fashion Line?

Begin your journey with Jinfeng Apparel now. We can assist in wholesaling or customizing garments at the most competitive prices to enhance your brand.

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