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For over 26 years, JF Apparel has been assisting more than 1,000 clients with the supply of new product development, serving as a one-stop manufacturer for clothing design, development, and production. Our services have enabled them to achieve higher customization efficiency, stricter quality control, and better quality assurance.

Pro Plan

We assist with your design drafts or use your provided designs, obtain samples and quotes, and offer complete ODM product solutions, all free of charge.

Once you are satisfied with the price and samples, you can place an order. We will take care of mass production, quality inspection, and door-to-door delivery logistics.

JFapparel guarantees the quality of our products. Should any issues arise, we provide free replacements or compensation.

Service Fee: $0. All costs are included in the product’s unit price.

Pro Plan

Basic Plan

If you possess your own designs and samples, you may use your samples, fabrics, and accessories for OEM subcontracting cooperation with us, ensuring the production meets your specifications.

Once your samples and materials reach our factory, we’ll proceed with mass production, conduct a quality inspection, and manage door-to-door delivery logistics.

Service Fee: 5% of the product’s value, with a minimum charge of $100.

Pro Plan vs Basic Plan

Pro  Plan

Basic Plan

Product supplier



Service fee



Order follow-up

Quality inspection

AQL 2.5

AQL 2.5

Quality guarantee

Free warehousing

2 months

1 month

Find new fabric samples for free

How to Use Our Service

Step 1

Submit your inquiry about what you need. Customer support will email you within a few hours to assign you an experienced Sales to assist you with your project.

Step 2

Your customer representative will send you a quotation in less than two business days. You can then reserve the product and provide your samples for targeted testing.

Step 3

Confirm with your representative for all product details before production. Your representative coordinates, follows up, and ensure production correctly.

Step 4

We arrange to send bulk samples, quality inspection, booking space, Send bill of lading,and sea/air shipping to any address of your country.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the Pro Plan, you directly provide JFapparel with design drafts, or we design them based on your brand requirements to start customizing products. JFapparel guarantees product quality and compensates for any quality issues that may arise.

Under the Basic Plan, you use your own samples, and JFapparel produces your bulk products using the fabrics and accessories, including branded fittings, that you supply. JFapparel ensures the quality of the craftsmanship, but we cannot guarantee the quality of the fabric and accessories provided. However, if the quality issues arise due to the materials you supplied, the final loss will be borne by you or your supplier.

Yes, you can. If you have multiple products that need custom production, you can supply the materials for us to produce bulk orders under the Basic Plan, and create Pro Plan orders for products designed to delivery by JFapparel.

For the Basic Plan, the service fee is 5% of the product’s value. If the total service fee amounts to less than $100, we will still charge a minimum service fee of $100.

For both Basic and Pro Plans, if the average MOQ per product is above 100 units and the order amount exceeds $500, you can order multiple products at once. For products not meeting the $500 standard, we will charge a handling fee of $25 per product. Packaging and accessories are not subject to fees.

For example, you can purchase 1 to 6 different products in an order worth $3200 without incurring additional fees. However, for the 7th product or more in the same order, we will charge a handling fee.

By default, we offer free quality inspections according to the AQL 2.5 standard, regardless of whether the goods have been reworked by the factory due to previous quality issues.

We can also provide inspections at a higher ratio or on a one-to-one basis, but the price for orders requiring this service will be higher and quoted accordingly.

Tell us about your product development plan, product style, design direction, and season (the clearer the description, the more accurate the fabric swatches we can find for you). Based on your details, we will send you the new fabric color samples you want to choose from.

Provide us with detailed design information, target quantity, and quality requirements. Based on your information, we can give you an estimated price within 1 hour. The actual price will be quoted accurately after you confirm the sample. The estimated price tends to be higher, so the final quote will prevail.

Designers are making data packages according to customer requirements

We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix                 “”

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