Amazon FBA Solutions

Since 2008, JF Apparel has been providing services to Amazon sellers in the US and Europe. We are a high-quality apparel manufacturer that can assist you from design to production, manage production with Chinese suppliers, and arrange logistics. In addition to serving multimillion-dollar companies, we have also helped many startups produce their first products and successfully launch their businesses.

Diverse Private Label and Packaging Innovations

Low minimum order quantities, tight budgets, and the challenge of finding matching suppliers on Alibaba can make developing your brand’s products difficult. We’re here to help by:

  • Modifying existing products’ materials, sizes, and colors to suit your needs.
  • Developing entirely new products based on your 3D designs.
  • Customizing packaging to make your products stand out from the competition.
  • Creating kits and bundles to increase sales.

Low-Cost Amazon FBA Labeling

Amazon’s FBA labeling service costs $0.55 per unit, while third-party services charge between $0.2 to $0.3 per unit. We offer labeling services at an economical rate of $5 per hour, making it a more cost-effective option. Our labels include:

  • FNSKU labels
  • Shipping labels
  • Warning stickers
  • Other labels required by Amazon

One-on-One Quality Inspection

For Amazon sellers, negative reviews due to product quality issues can be devastating. While inspection companies and suppliers might check 20-30% of boxes, they’ll only report a pass or fail outcome.

We offer individual inspections of your apparel at a minimal labor cost. We will identify every piece of clothing with defects and arrange for repairs at our factory.

Flexible Shipping to Amazon Warehouses

Logistics costs can eat into your profits, and stockouts can affect your product launches. We arrange your shipments at the most favorable freight rates. Our freight forwarders handle customs clearance to ensure your goods arrive safely and on time at Amazon warehouses. In addition to Europe and the USA, we also offer cost-effective sea freight services to India, Australia, the Middle East, and Singapore.

An image showing a world map with various shipping routes and transportation modes, including airplanes and cargo ships. The image emphasizes Jinfeng Apparel's capability to ship to most international destinations.

High-Quality Amazon Product Photography

Selling products relies heavily on photos. Good visuals communicate more, faster. Our experienced photographers and designers help you create hero shots, lifestyle images, infographics, and video clips. 

Using our services is more cost-effective than hiring your own designers. It also saves you time, as we can complete the shoot for products we manufacture for you. 

We offer 3-5 product photos with a white background for free if you use our professional plan.

Free Storage in China for 1-2 Months

Amazon storage can be costly, and during peak seasons, sellers face limited storage capacity at Amazon warehouses. For your convenience, we offer 1-2 months of free storage in China. To reduce Amazon storage fees, we can keep a portion of your products in our warehouse. When you need to replenish your stock, we’ll send these products to the Amazon FBA warehouse in batches at different times.

Supply Chain Management for Top Amazon Sellers

Top Amazon sellers and aggregators have established suppliers in China. However, due to high costs, they prefer not to spend significant time contacting suppliers or setting up purchasing departments in China.

We offer services at a low fee of 5% or a fixed monthly retainer of $5,000 to hire our full-time agents (200 hours per month). We can manage your existing supply chain, place orders, inspect goods, and arrange logistics.

If you’re dissatisfied with your current suppliers, we can help you find better source factories with competitive prices.

Transform Your Amazon Business with Our FBA Solutions

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