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What is the shipping lead time?

Question: What is the shipping lead time?
Answer: The shipping lead times for various countries/regions are as follows:

Country/RegionDelivery Times
United States of America (USA)4-5 business days
Canada4-5 business days
Australia, New Zealand4-5 business days
Europe, United Kingdom (UK)4-5 business days
India, Maldives, Sri Lanka4-5 business days
South East Asia4-5 business days
Japan, South Korea4-5 business days
Israel, Middle East5-6 business days
Polynesia6-7 business days
Russia6-7 business days
South America6-7 business days
Africa6-7 business days

Transit times stated above are indicative and based on the fastest express air freight option provided by the shipping providers.

Your final transit time may differ based on various circumstances such as bad weather, peak period delays, and regulatory clearance requirements.

JF Apparel has no liability or responsibility for differences between the indicative and actual transit times.

For further inquiries or to discuss your specific shipping needs,please feel free to contact us.

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