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Hello! I’m Jerry from Jinfeng Apparel, with 26 years of industry experience. We have helped over 1,000 brands across 28 countries meet their production and development needs.

As an export-oriented apparel manufacturer, we’ve outlined the steps for successful international trade based on our experience. Read our collaboration guide to gain valuable insights into customized apparel production.

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Alibaba Sourcing Guide

Alibaba is the most famous online trading platform to find suppliers.

After reading, you will gain a more comprehensive understanding of Alibaba, acquire essential foreign trade knowledge, and learn how to avoid being scammed.

Guangzhou Market Guide

If you want to find suppliers by coming to China, you must visit Guangzhou and its clothing markets,because it is a globally certified international business hub.

You can learn more about Guangzhou before the next visit to China.

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As a leading apparel manufacturer, we’ve gathered vast experience in fabric sourcing, garment production, and fashion eCommerce. We’re eager to share these valuable insights with you.”

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