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Hello, Everyone!

I’m Jerry Lee, the founder of You can call me Jerry.

I have accumulated 26 years of experience in the garment manufacturing industry. From 1995 to 2004, I worked on the production floor for 10 years, mastering sewing, flatlock stitching, and four-needle six-thread stitching. From 2005 to 2007, I transitioned to a trading company where I gained experience in fashion design, order management, and supply chain management, giving me a comprehensive understanding of the entire industry.

In 2008, I founded Jinfeng Apparel independently. We specialize in producing high-quality women’s fashion, including dresses, tops, lingerie, jumpsuits, and matching sets. We have served over 1,000 clients across 28 countries, delivering exceptional garment manufacturing and export services. Our unwavering commitment to development, quality, delivery, and service standards ensures we remain a trusted apparel manufacturer.

My background story

I grew up in a poor rural family and mostly wore old clothes passed down from relatives. Watching my peers wear beautiful new clothes to school made me feel self-conscious but also inspired me to start my own clothing factory to produce affordable, high-quality clothes so that children could have new clothes they love.

After working on the production line, I realized that a frontline position wouldn’t help me achieve my goals. In 2005, I joined the China branch of a Los Angeles-based fashion brand, managing orders and design. During this time, I discovered that many brands struggled to find suitable factories in China, losing business due to quality and delivery issues. Thus, I vowed to establish a clothing factory that would help brands overcome these challenges and become a trusted manufacturer:

  1. Development Focus: Provide customers with flexible product development and innovative design.
  2. Delivery Focus: Ensure consistent, on-time delivery.
  3. Quality Focus: Meet high-quality standards.
  4. Service Focus: Offer comprehensive customer support.

Customer satisfaction is always our top priority, and we strive to build long-term relationships. We have earned the trust and recognition of 1,000 clients across 28 countries, including well-known brands like Asos, Lulus, and Ohpolly.

Our core products and services

Jinfeng Apparel specializes in producing high-quality women’s clothing, including dresses, tops, jumpsuits, skirts, matching sets, and lingerie. We embrace innovative design principles and advanced manufacturing processes to meet the diverse needs of our global customers.

  • Dresses:

    • Features: Our dresses span formal wear and casual styles. From elegant evening gowns to light, everyday dresses, they are designed with comfort in mind and made from the finest materials.
    • Key Styles:
      • Evening Gowns: Luxurious fabrics and exquisite tailoring for formal events.
      • Casual Dresses: Lightweight fabrics and versatile designs for daily life and casual gatherings.
  • Women’s Tops:

    • Features: Our tops range from basic tops to formal blouses, offering multiple styles for various occasions.
    • Key Styles:
      • Basic Tops: Simple, clean cuts suitable for layering and daily wear.
      • Crop Tops: Cropped at the waist for a youthful, fashionable look when paired with high-waisted pants or skirts.
      • Bodysuits: Sleek and fitted, available in long, short, or sleeveless options, making for a neat, versatile look.
      • Corset & Bustier Tops: Accentuate the waist and curves, creating an elegant silhouette.
  • Jumpsuits:

    • Features: Stylish and convenient, they can be worn for many occasions with a modern look that is also easy to maintain.
    • Key Styles:
      • Casual Jumpsuits: Lightweight, fashionable, suitable for everyday wear or travel.
      • Formal Jumpsuits: Tailored cuts and unique designs for parties and evening events.
  • Skirts:

    • Features: From mini skirts to long skirts, we offer styles suitable for different preferences.
    • Key Styles:
      • Mini Skirts: Knee-length or shorter, typically tight or semi-fitted, providing a bold look.
      • Midi Skirts: Falling below the knee or mid-calf, available in different cuts and suitable for formal or casual settings.
  • Matching Sets:

    • Features: Coordinated outfits designed for effortless style.
    • Key Styles:
      • Casual Sets: Comfortable designs for everyday wear.
      • Fashion Sets: Trendy tops and skirts/pants suitable for urban fashion or formal events.
  • Lingerie:

    • Features: Our lingerie emphasizes comfort and fit while offering a range of styles and designs.
    • Key Styles:
      • Bra & Panty Sets: Elegant or practical designs to meet varying tastes.
      • Sleepwear & Loungewear: Relaxed cuts and cozy fabrics for home life.

Design, Manufacturing Process, and Technological Advantages:

  • Innovative Design Principles:

    • Personalization: Customization services ensure unique designs that meet customers’ tastes and requirements.
    • Trans-Seasonal Designs: Flexible collections suitable for multiple seasons.
  • Refined Manufacturing Process:

    • Handcrafted Details: Skilled artisans create hand-crafted decorations in high-end garments for exquisite quality.
    • 3D Tailoring: 3D tailoring technology offers comfortable, body-fitting designs.
  • Advanced Technology:

    • Recycled Fabric: We use eco-friendly, renewable textile technology to create sustainable fabrics.
    • Digital Printing: Our digital printing technology makes designs vivid, realistic, and three-dimensional, providing custom patterns.
    • Digital Production: Digital production ensures accurate, efficient sample creation, garment testing, and quality control.

These principles, processes, and technologies make Jinfeng Apparel’s products more competitive in the market.

Our target customers and market

Our target customers include global women’s fashion brands, fast fashion labels, and wholesalers. We aim to deliver high-quality products and services to mid-range and high-end brands.

Unique Advantages and Differentiators:

  1. Design and Sampling Ability:

    • Our ability to quickly design and sample products ensures that they match or exceed customer expectations. We own our factory, ensuring efficiency and accuracy across design, production, and delivery.
  2. Factory Advantage:

    • Unlike traders or middlemen who only have offices but no actual factory, our factory offers cost and production efficiency. In fast fashion, time is money. Too many steps can lead to errors and missed sales seasons.
  3. Production and Delivery Capability:

    • Sample development takes 5-7 days, but we can deliver 60 new samples in 3 days for key partners with special needs.
    • Mass production takes 15-25 days, and special requests can be fulfilled in 7-15 days. This efficient production and delivery capability sets us apart.

Through our rapid design, production, and delivery process, brands can consistently launch new collections, ensuring a competitive edge and preventing stockouts that could damage brand reputation.

Customer Benefits

We help clients accelerate product launches, stabilize brand image, and achieve sustainable growth. Our efficient delivery capability enables customers to capture peak-season opportunities and meet market demand for long-term returns.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to become a global leader in women’s fashion manufacturing, providing high-quality yet affordable clothing that combines style and value.

Our mission is to offer flexible and innovative design and manufacturing services that empower women’s fashion brands to meet market demand. We believe everyone deserves to wear clothes they love.

To achieve this vision and mission, we continue to invest in advanced manufacturing technology, improving production efficiency and quality. By relentlessly pursuing quality and value, Jinfeng Apparel aims to set new industry standards and help more brands and customers reach their goals.

Contact Information and Social Media

Feel free to contact us through the following channels or follow us on social media to stay updated on our latest products and industry insights:

  1. LinkedIn: Jinfeng Apparel
  2. Instagram: @jinfengapparel
  3. Facebook: JinfengApparel
  4. YouTube: @jinfengapparel

For direct assistance or business cooperation, please contact us:

Other Important Information

  1. Case Studies:

    • The British international women’s fashion brand OHPOLLY shortened its new launch cycle and achieved significant sales growth through our collaboration.
    • For the American fast fashion brand Fashionnova, our tailored solution helped them reduce production costs while improving product quality.
    • Australian fashion brand Princess Polly expanded its product line through our cooperation, achieving rapid brand growth and going public on the New York Stock Exchange in 2021. This success solidified its position as Australia’s leading women’s fashion brand.
  2. Client Testimonials:

    • Jinfeng Apparel consistently maintains high efficiency and professionalism in product development and production, making them a reliable supply chain partner. —Jagpreet  OHPOLLY Supply Chain Director
    • We’ve worked with Jinfeng for years and trust their high-quality and flexible services. —Via Kim WINDSOR Brand Design Director
  3. Articles and Resources:

    • “2024 Fashion Manufacturing Trends”: Explore the latest trends in the fashion industry and how to navigate market changes.
    • “Innovative Design Concepts in Women’s Fashion Manufacturing”: An in-depth analysis of how innovative design can help differentiate brands.
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