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Do you pre-shrink the fabrics?

Question: Do you pre-shrink the fabrics?
Answer: Yes, we pre-shrink all fabrics before mass production to ensure that the shrinkage rate is reduced to an acceptable level when you receive and wash the final product.

Our Cutting Process:

  1. Fabric Inspection: Before fabrics are stored in our warehouse, our fabric QC team conducts a thorough inspection of each roll. The inspection includes checking fabric color, colorfastness, defects, shrinkage rate, weight, and elasticity. Only fabrics that meet our stringent standards are approved for storage and production.
  2. Pre-Shrinking and Cutting: Fabrics are treated with high-temperature pre-shrinking machines. For high-elasticity fabrics, a special high-temperature hot water pre-shrinking process is used to ensure that the fabric returns to its original woven structure before cutting. This process guarantees that the garments will not shrink, fade, or deform after purchase.

By implementing this rigorous pre-shrinking process, we ensure the highest quality and durability for our garments, providing peace of mind for our customers.

If you have any further questions or need more detailed information about our pre-shrinking and cutting process, please feel free to contact us.

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