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Can I get samples in each size?

Question: Can I get samples in each size?
Answer: Yes, you can obtain samples in various sizes, but please note that each sample incurs an additional cost (typically around $50-100 per sample).

Our Sample Process:

  1. Initial Sample: The initial sample, or head sample, is typically made in one size, usually size M, based on the client’s model measurements.
  2. Revised Sample: After receiving the initial sample, clients will review and request modifications. This may include adjustments such as increasing or decreasing certain areas or making design changes.
  3. Final Approval Sample: Once the revised sample is received, clients will provide final approval, confirming sizes, fabric, and colors. This stage usually coincides with placing the bulk production order and preparing for mass production.
  4. Pre-Production Sample (PP Sample): Upon receiving the client’s final approval, we confirm the grading size chart with our designers. Once verified, we produce the correct PP sample according to the approved size chart, ensuring everything is ready for bulk production.
  5. Sales Sample: Also known as the photo sample, this is prepared in advance for client sales purposes. The sales sample matches the bulk production in terms of material, color, and packaging standards. These samples are provided in all colors and sizes, typically about one week to ten days before shipment. The cost of sales samples is the same as the bulk production price for cross colors and sizes.

If you have any further questions or need more detailed information about our sample process, please feel free to contact us.

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