What do you need help with?

What Do I Need to Get Started?

Answer:To begin the process of creating your custom fashion pieces, please prepare the following:

Brand Files:
Your logo in a vector file format such as .AI, .PSD, .EPS, .SVG, or .PDF.

Technical packs. If you don’t have technical packs, please provide high-resolution reference images with at least three different views or sketches.

Artwork Files:
Files for prints, embroidery, concepts, and packaging must be in vector format and clearly indicate dimensions.

A size chart for each design. Please note that body measurement data cannot be used.

If you are still unclear about the information above, please read our detailed explanation on tech packs. 

Why is This Important?

Having these files ready ensures a smooth and efficient production process. It helps our team accurately translate your vision into the final product, maintaining high quality and consistency. Proper preparation reduces misunderstandings and speeds up the overall timeline.

How to Prepare Your Files:

  1. Brand Files: Make sure your logo is in a vector format to ensure scalability and clarity. Vector files are essential for high-quality printing and embroidery.

  2. Designs: If you have technical packs, include all necessary details such as fabric specifications, construction notes, and measurements. If not, provide detailed reference images from multiple angles to give our designers a clear understanding of your vision.

  3. Artwork Files: All prints, embroidery designs, and packaging artwork should be in vector format with specified dimensions. This ensures precision and quality in the final product.

  4. Sizing: Create a comprehensive size chart for each design, detailing garment measurements rather than body measurements. This is crucial for accurate production and ensuring the final fit meets your expectations.

By preparing these essential files, you can help us ensure a seamless process from design to production. We are here to assist you every step of the way to bring your fashion vision to life.

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