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How does import and export customs clearance work?

Question: How does import and export customs clearance work?
Answer: All shipments require export licenses and customs documentation, and these costs are included in the shipping fees.

If you prefer to arrange your own shipping, please note that we will process orders on an FOB (Free On Board) basis. Under FOB terms, we are not responsible for export customs clearance or shipping the goods to your destination.

For orders not shipped under DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) Incoterms, you will be responsible for customs import and clearance at the destination. We will provide all necessary shipping documents for you to submit to your local customs office.

Key Points:

  • Export Licenses and Documentation: Included in the shipping fees for all shipments we handle.
  • FOB Terms: If you arrange your own shipping, we are only responsible for delivering the goods to the port of shipment. You handle export customs clearance.
  • DDP and Non-DDP Shipments: For DDP shipments, we handle customs clearance. For non-DDP shipments, you are responsible for import and customs clearance at the destination, but we provide all necessary documents.

Door-to-Door Logistics Service: We also offer a comprehensive door-to-door logistics service, which includes both export and import customs clearance. This service ensures that your goods are delivered directly to your specified location with minimal hassle. We manage all aspects of the shipping process, from export licensing and customs documentation to final delivery, providing you with a seamless logistics experience.

For further inquiries or to discuss your specific shipping and customs clearance needs, please feel free to contact us.

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