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Why might there be slight color variations between different batches/orders of the same fabric?

Question: Why might there be slight color variations between different batches/orders of the same fabric?
Answer: Most orders use stock fabrics from fabric wholesalers and mills.

Due to the time gap between purchasing fabrics for samples and production, the same batch of stock fabric may sell out. When the next batch is produced, there can be slight variations in color and fabric weight (deeper or lighter by 1-2 shades, +/- 10%).

This occurs because fabrics are produced, dyed, and processed in different batches. The same applies to custom-dyed fabrics, as the fabrics purchased for samples and production may come from different production batches, resulting in color variations. This variation is within the normal range.

Key Points:

  • Stock Fabric Variability: Fabrics from wholesalers and mills can vary slightly in color and weight between batches.
  • Production Time Gap: Time differences between sample and production purchases can lead to variations as stock fabric batches change.
  • Batch Production: Different dye lots and production batches inherently produce slight variations in color and weight.
  • Custom-Dyed Fabrics: Even with custom dyeing, fabrics from different batches may exhibit slight color differences.

Understanding these factors helps in setting realistic expectations regarding fabric consistency across different orders. Such variations are a normal part of the fabric production process.

If you have any further questions or need more detailed information about fabric color variations, please feel free to contact us.

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