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What is the garment sampling process?

Question: What is the garment sampling process?
Answer: The process for sample-making is as follows:

  1. Pattern Development: Creating a detailed pattern based on the finalized tech pack specifications.
  2. Purchase of Fabrics & Trims: Sourcing and purchasing the required fabrics and trims for the samples.
  3. Cut & Sew: Cutting the fabric according to the pattern and sewing the pieces together to create the sample garment.
  4. Printing / Embroidery: Adding any necessary prints or embroidery to the sample.
  5. Quality Control Check: Conducting a thorough quality control check to ensure the sample meets all specified standards and requirements.

Important Note: Tech packs must be finalized and completed before starting on the pattern development. The tech pack provides all the necessary details and specifications needed to accurately develop the pattern and create the sample.

By following this structured sampling process, we ensure that the final product meets your design expectations and quality standards.

If you have any further questions or need more detailed information about our garment sampling process,please feel free to contact us.

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