Clients Praise JINFENG’s Superior Fashion Manufacturing

Clients Praise JINFENG’s Superior Fashion Manufacturing

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Dongguan, China, August 13, 2018 – The rapidly expanding apparel manufacturer, JINFENG, continues its tradition of offering first-class services to small and medium enterprises. The factory recently received accolades from a client for the development of an exclusive dress line for the OHPOLLY brand.

Jags, the Global Supply Chain Director of Ohpolly, shared that JINFENG was instrumental in designing and developing a new women’s wear series in China, supporting the mass production of the series. The first batch of products is expected to hit the market later this year with promising sales projections. Beyond managing apparel production in China, JINFENG has also played the role of a professional partner behind the growth of Ohpolly.

In today’s market, many emerging entrepreneurs have innovative product ideas but lack the know-how to bring these ideas to life. Jags, managing the supply chain for two brands in London, faced a rapid expansion in brand sales and an urgent need to increase the supply chain.

With no experience in product development, finding a reliable and professional factory in China was a significant challenge for Jags. This search led him to JINFENG’s website on Alibaba, where he sought their assistance to realize his vision.

After in-depth communication to understand Jags’s needs, JINFENG arranged a visit to their Dongguan factory. Jags was amazed to find that JINFENG’s founder, Jerry, with 26 years of apparel manufacturing experience, was producing series for American brands, showcasing the type of products Ohpolly aimed to develop. At the JINFENG factory, Jags received invaluable product development advice.

JINFENG Apparel suggested matching different styles with appropriate fabrics, emphasizing the importance of selecting highly elastic materials for fashion women’s brands. Such fabrics make the garments exceptionally flattering, offering a comfortable experience for beauty-conscious female customers. They recommended a variety of high-elastic fabrics, including stretch satin, high-elastic mesh, and high-elastic knitwear.

High-quality, high-elastic fabrics are challenging to find and expensive in Guangzhou’s Zhongda fabric market. Therefore, JINFENG advised customizing these fabrics with high-end fabric mills in Keqiao, Zhejiang, significantly reducing costs. They also improved the craftsmanship by changing the rough inner lining work to a reverse cover, instantly transforming dresses into stylish and comfortable garments.

“Regardless of how excellent a product idea is, without a professional manufacturer, it’s impossible to bring the concept to reality and mass produce it. I couldn’t have smoothly started my third venture without JINFENG. I’m fortunate to have met them,” Jags excitedly said.

While waiting for the factory to produce samples, Jags recently attended the Canton Fair in Guangzhou. “Our collaboration with JINFENG is the biggest success for our brand,” Jags added.

Now, Jags has significantly expanded the reach and influence of the Ohpolly brand, with Instagram followers reaching 5.5 million. Recently, he also launched a new brand, BO+TEE,Bo&Tee Women’s Activewear — Shop All-New Gym Styles  , From ideation to the final product, it has indeed been a lengthy journey, with JINFENG being an indispensable part of the process.

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About Jinfeng Apparel: Jinfeng is a Chinese apparel manufacturer dedicated to assisting small and medium-sized enterprises in custom-producing reliable clothing products from China. Over the 16 years since its inception in 2008, the company has grown from a team of 10 to over 200 employees, becoming one of the most renowned apparel manufacturers on the internet.

Jinfeng stands out as the first apparel factory to offer free design services. Importers can enjoy a comprehensive import service without any upfront fees, including design, production follow-up, quality inspection, and shipping arrangements.

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