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Tricot Fabric

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Tricot Fabric

Tricot Fabric is a high-performance warp-knit fabric widely used in activewear, casualwear, and fashion apparel. Renowned for its unique knitting technique, Tricot Fabric combines excellent elasticity, durability, and breathability, making it a top choice for designers. Whether designing athletic gear for professional athletes or trendy casual wear, Tricot Fabric is the perfect solution.

Special Techniques and Advantages

Warp-Knitting Technique

  • Advanced Warp-Knitting Technology: Tricot Fabric is produced using warp-knitting techniques, where yarns are interlaced to form a smooth, stable surface. This process grants the fabric superior elasticity and stability compared to regular weft-knitted fabrics.
  • High-Density Knitting: The high-density knitting method not only enhances the fabric’s durability but also boosts its tensile strength, ensuring it maintains its shape even during intense activities.

Differences from Ordinary Fabrics

  • Elasticity and Resilience: Tricot Fabric offers superior elasticity and resilience, adapting better to body movements compared to regular knitted fabrics.
  • Durability: The warp-knitting process provides Tricot Fabric with higher abrasion resistance and tear strength, making it more durable than ordinary fabrics.
  • Breathability and Moisture Management: Tricot Fabric excels in breathability and moisture-wicking, quickly evaporating sweat and keeping the body dry, which is especially beneficial for high-intensity activities.
  • Anti-Pilling: The fabric is treated to resist pilling, maintaining a smooth and polished appearance over time, a feature that ordinary knitted fabrics often lack.


  • Premium Comfort
  • Durability
  • Enhanced Breathability
  • Easy Care
  • Sun Protection and Safety

Available clothing types

  • Sophisticated brown tricot midi dress
  • Beige long dress
  • Women’s Mica Nylon Tricot Leggings
  • women’s tricot cashmere sweater

Application scope


  • High-Intensity Sports: Ideal for making athletic shirts, yoga pants, running shorts, etc., offering excellent support and comfort.
  • Professional Gear: Designed for professional athletes, providing superior elasticity and breathability for optimal performance.


  • Loungewear: Perfect for creating loungewear, T-shirts, casual pants, etc., providing comfort for everyday wear.
  • Fashionable Casual: The unique knit texture adds a stylish touch to garments, suitable for modern urban living.

Fashion Apparel

  • High-End Dresses: Used for making high-end dresses, skirts, etc., the fabric’s fine texture elevates the overall look of the garments.
  • Jackets and Coats: Suitable for making lightweight jackets and coats, offering both warmth and breathability, perfect for various weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Tricot Fabric suitable for high-intensity sports?

  • Yes, Tricot Fabric has excellent elasticity and breathability, making it perfect for high-intensity sports, providing good support and comfort.

Will Tricot Fabric cause skin allergies?

  • Tricot Fabric is made from high-quality materials free of harmful chemicals, suitable for most people, and unlikely to cause skin allergies.

Will the colors of Tricot Fabric fade?

  • Treated to maintain vibrant colors, Tricot Fabric resists fading even after multiple washes.

Is Tricot Fabric environmentally friendly?

  • Our Tricot Fabric meets environmental standards, free of harmful substances, and uses eco-friendly dyes and processes.

How long does Tricot Fabric last?

  • With proper care, Tricot Fabric can maintain its shape and color for many years, offering long-term durability.

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Tricot Fabric: A Versatile Choice for Fashion

When selecting fabric for clothing, it’s important to consider both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Tricot fabric meets these criteria as a durable, stretchy knitted fabric favored by fashion designers and clothing brands.

Tricot fabric originated in the 19th century, thanks to the French engineer Joseph-Marie Jacquard, who made significant advancements in warp knitting. He developed the Jacquard loom, which could knit complex patterns and designs, paving the way for tricot fabric. Tricot knitting machines became even more popular during the Industrial Revolution.

What Is Tricot Fabric?

Tricot fabric is a type of knitted fabric created using a warp knitting process. The tricot weave forms a zigzag pattern, typically using synthetic fibers, which provides elasticity.

The fabric is known for its fine, closely-knit structure, giving it a sleek appearance and a soft feel. Tricot fabrics can range from slightly sheer to opaque, depending on their specific production. Additionally, tricot is appreciated for its smooth texture, stretchability, and versatility.

Types of Tricot Fabric Structures

Tricot fabric comes in various structures, each with unique aesthetic and functional qualities. Here are some common types of tricot fabric:

Plain Tricot Fabric Plain tricot is the most basic and common knit structure with a smooth surface. It features a straightforward interlocking pattern of loops formed by the knitting needles, making it ideal for lingerie, linings, and lightweight apparel.

Raschel Tricot Raschel tricot is a textured and decorative fabric made by combining tricot stitches with cords or laces. It is commonly used in fashion apparel, upholstery, and home textiles.

Brushed Tricot Also called peach skin tricot, brushed tricot is a soft and warm fabric used for cold-weather clothing, blankets, and upholstery. It has a brushed or suede finish on one or both sides.

Mesh Tricot Mesh tricot fabric has an open, net-like structure created by using a larger stitch size or by omitting stitches in specific areas. It is lightweight and breathable, making it suitable for sportswear, athletic jerseys, and mesh lining applications.

Power Mesh Tricot Power mesh is a specialized type of tricot fabric with high elasticity and support. It is made using a combination of tighter and looser stitch formations, allowing the fabric to stretch predominantly in one direction. Power mesh is used in athletic wear, shapewear, and lingerie.

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