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PU Leather Fabric

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PU Leather Fabric

Welcome to our PU Leather Fabric page! PU Leather (Polyurethane Leather) is a premium synthetic material that combines aesthetic appeal with practicality. Whether for high-end fashion designs or home décor, this eco-friendly material excels in providing exceptional visual and tactile experiences. PU Leather not only offers the look and feel of genuine leather but also boasts superior durability and ease of maintenance, making it the ideal choice for designers.

Key Features

  • Luxurious Appearance and Feel
  • Eco-Friendly Manufacturing
  • Exceptional Durability
  • Water and Stain Resistance
  • Versatile Design Options

Advanced Craftsmanship and Benefits

  • High-Tech Coating Process: Utilizes advanced coating technology to impart superior waterproof, stain-resistant, and oil-resistant properties, making daily maintenance effortless.
  • Triple-Layer Composite Structure: Features a triple-layer composite structure with a polyurethane topcoat, a high-density fabric core, and a soft fabric backing, ensuring robust durability and a comfortable touch.
  • Enhanced Abrasion Resistance: Special abrasion-resistant treatment makes the surface of PU Leather exceptionally tough and wear-resistant, suitable for products subjected to frequent contact and friction.
  • Eco-Friendly Production: Strictly controls harmful emissions during production, meeting international environmental standards to ensure product safety and eco-friendliness.
  • Color Fastness Technology: Advanced dyeing technology ensures vibrant, long-lasting colors that resist fading, maintaining their luster and appeal over time.

Available clothing types

  • Solid Color PU Mini Dress, Women Pu Leather Elegant
  • Solid Color V Neck Trapezoid Shirt Leather Collar Shirt Dress Sexy Button
  • Solid PU leather sheath dress
  • Women’s Faux Leather/Faux Leather Black Dress

Differentiation from Conventional Fabrics

Durability: PU Leather is more durable than conventional fabrics, resisting wear and tear, making it perfect for high-intensity use products.

Waterproof Performance: Unlike conventional fabrics that absorb water, PU Leather offers excellent waterproof properties, preventing moisture and mold issues, suitable for various environments.

Eco-Friendliness: PU Leather emphasizes environmental protection during manufacturing, reducing pollution compared to traditional fabric production, which may involve more harmful chemicals.

Easy Maintenance: The smooth surface of PU Leather allows for simple cleaning and upkeep, unlike conventional fabrics that may require more complex maintenance procedures.

Premium Aesthetic: PU Leather provides a luxurious look and feel similar to genuine leather, elevating the visual appeal of products, which conventional fabrics cannot match.

Product Specifications

Composition100% Polyurethane
Width55 inches
Thickness0.8mm – 2.0mm available
ColorsVarious colors available, customizable
TexturesSmooth, pebbled, embossed, and more available

Application scope

PU Leather is widely used in the fashion industry and home décor, including but not limited to:

Fashion Apparel: Coats, pants, skirts, handbags, shoes, imparting a high-end look and lasting durability.

Home Furnishings: Sofas, chairs, cushions, headboards, adding luxury and comfort to living spaces.

Automotive Interiors: Seats, steering wheel covers, dashboard covers, enhancing the comfort and durability of car interiors.

Other Uses: Stationery, leather goods, accessories, offering versatile design options for various products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does PU Leather have an odor?

  • Treated PU Leather typically does not have a noticeable odor. If any slight smell is present, it can be aired out before use.

How durable is PU Leather?

  • PU Leather has excellent abrasion resistance and tear strength, making it very durable under normal usage conditions.

Is PU Leather eco-friendly?

  • Yes, PU Leather is manufactured using eco-friendly materials, minimizing environmental impact and adhering to modern sustainability practices.

How do you clean PU Leather?

  • Simply wipe with a damp cloth for regular cleaning. For stubborn stains, mild soapy water can be used. Avoid using strong acid or alkaline cleaners.

Can PU Leather resist UV degradation?

  • Yes, PU Leather is made with UV additives that ensure stability against UV rays up to 1500 KLY, effectively resisting UV degradation.

How long does PU Leather last?

  • With proper care and maintenance, PU Leather can enjoy a 10-year pro-rata warranty against UV aging, ensuring long-term use.

Everything you need to know about PU Leather Fabric

Polyurethane leather (PU Leather), also known as synthetic leather, is a popular and cost-effective alternative to genuine leather.

This type of vegan leather or faux leather is made with thermoplastic polymers and organic plant by-products, providing an innovative and sustainable option compared to traditional leather.

PU leather originated in Germany in the late 19th century as a substitute for animal leather during times of scarcity due to impending wars. German manufacturers created Prestoff by layering and treating paper pulp, showcasing their ingenuity in challenging times.

Today, this fabric appeals to the sustainability-conscious market because no animals are harmed during its production.

What is PU Leather or Vegan Leather?

PU leather is a synthetic substitute for genuine leather, made from Polyurethane (PU), a flexible and durable material. It is commonly used in construction and engineering for its longevity and strength.

There are two types of PU leather: 100% PU leather and split leather coated with PU.

Understanding this distinction is important for ethical reasons. 100% PU leather is entirely vegan, while split leather contains real leather. Checking labels is crucial to ensure animal-friendly choices.

Disadvantages of PU Leather

Despite its benefits, PU leather also has some drawbacks. It often has an artificial or synthetic appearance, lacking the authenticity of genuine leather.

Compared to real leather, PU leather is not breathable, which can lead to discomfort during prolonged use. Some PU leather products may also have a noticeable chemical or plastic odor.

Over time, PU leather is prone to wear and cracking. It is more susceptible to punctures and tears compared to genuine leather. Unlike real leather, PU leather does not develop a natural luster or patina with age.

It’s important to note that not all PU leathers are vegan, as some may contain genuine leather components. Here are some key drawbacks of PU leather:

  • Less durable than genuine leather
  • Not biodegradable
  • Can cause skin allergies


PU leather (synthetic leather) is a popular alternative to genuine leather. It is affordable, durable, and easy to maintain. However, it can have a synthetic appearance and limited breathability.

The versatility of vegan leather allows for the creation of stylish products, making it an attractive choice for fashion brands.

As more consumers become aware of the environmental and ethical impacts of traditional leather, the demand for sustainable alternatives like vegan leather is expected to continue growing in the fashion industry and beyond.

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