Fine cotton poplin fabric

Fine cotton poplin fabric

Fine cotton poplin fabric is lightweight and durable, featuring a smooth, crisp texture and slight horizontal ribbing. Ideal for both casual and formal wear, it offers excellent shape retention, making it perfect for tailored designs.

Fine cotton poplin fabric is characterized by its:

  • Smooth, fine texture
  • Lightweight yet durable structure
  • Subtle, horizontal ribbing
  • Crisp and neat appearance
  • Excellent breathability and comfort
  • Superior shape retention for tailored garments


Fine cotton poplin fabric is a type of textile known for its closely woven structure, which gives it a smooth, fine texture. It is made primarily from cotton, making it breathable and comfortable for wear. The fabric’s tight weave results in a crisp finish with a slight ribbed texture that is subtle yet distinctive.

This characteristic makes it particularly suitable for high-quality dress shirts, blouses, and dresses that require a neat, tailored appearance. Fine cotton poplin is appreciated for its durability and ability to maintain shape, making it a popular choice for both everyday and formal apparel.

Maintenance and care

To keep your fine poplin fabric in top condition and extend its life, here are some maintenance and care recommendations. When washing, it is recommended to hand wash with warm water and mild detergent, avoid using bleach or strong detergent to prevent damage to the fiber and color of the fabric. If you choose to machine wash, use cold water and the gentle cycle, and place items in a laundry bag to reduce wear and tear. When drying, it is best to dry naturally and avoid using a dryer. Lay the clothes flat or hang them in a cool and ventilated place away from direct sunlight to prevent fading and deformation.

When ironing, it is recommended to use a low or medium temperature iron, and cover the clothes with a thin cloth or use a steam iron to prevent damage from direct contact with the fabric. When ironing, gently glide along the grain of the fabric to keep it smooth and flat. During storage, it should be kept dry and ventilated, and avoid high temperature and humid environments. It is recommended to hang clothes on hangers and avoid folding them for a long time to prevent creases. If you need to fold it for storage, place paper towels or cloth on the fold to reduce creases.

During wearing and storage, try to avoid contact with sharp objects to prevent snagging or scratching the fabric. Check your clothes regularly and repair any minor damage promptly to prevent the problem from expanding. By following these maintenance and care recommendations, you can maintain the elegant look and comfortable feel of your fine poplin fabric and extend its life.



Frequently Asked Questions About Fine Cotton Poplin Fabric:

How is fine cotton poplin fabric different from other cotton fabrics?

  • Fine cotton poplin fabric is crafted through a tight weave that produces a smooth and fine texture with distinctive horizontal ribbing, giving it a superior appearance and feel. Its durability and firm structure make it ideal for high-quality garments that require precise tailoring.

How durable is fine cotton poplin fabric?

  • Our fine cotton poplin fabric is made from high-quality cotton and processed with meticulous care, ensuring that it maintains its excellent appearance and performance for several years with proper maintenance.

Is fine cotton poplin fabric easy to handle and maintain?

  • Yes, this fabric is not only lightweight but also easy to manage. Regular washing and ironing are sufficient to keep its appearance neat and smooth.

Can fine cotton poplin fabric be used for clothing other than formal shirts?

  • Absolutely! While fine cotton poplin fabric is particularly suited for formal shirts and professional attire, its outstanding qualities also make it a perfect choice for casual wear, women’s dresses, and various other types of garments.

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Additional information

Product name

Fine cotton poplin fabric




100% Cotton


120 gsm (grams per square meter)


150 cm


Plain Weave


Woven Fabric


133×72 (threads per inch)


0.25 mm

Country of Origin



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