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Wedding guest dresses have become an essential fashion item in many wardrobes. If you plan to launch or expand your wedding guest dress collection, finding a reliable and trustworthy clothing manufacturer is crucial for production.

Here, I have compiled a list of the world’s most influential custom wedding guest dress manufacturers. These manufacturers offer a range of affordable and high-quality products, perfectly meeting the diverse needs of your target audience. To ensure a long-term partnership, understanding the top manufacturing techniques in the industry will help turn your wedding guest dress designs into reality.

1.Davidsbridal: wedding guest dress manufacturer

2.JF Apparel: China’s top dress manufacturer

3.Jovani: American manufacturer of ethically made wedding guest dresses

4.Renttherunway: Dress maker custom wedding guest dresses

5.Balticborn: dress and gown manufacturer

6.Petalandpup: American guest dress manufacturer wholesale clothing

7.Astrthelabel: American wedding guest dress and apparel manufacturer and supplier

Davidsbridal – wedding guest dress manufacturer

Davidsbridal was founded in 1950 in Florida. One-third of wedding guest dresses in the US are sold here. It has now evolved into an international destination for weddings, proms, quinceañeras, and other events. They exist to celebrate the beautiful moments in life, from everyday outings to weddings and anniversary celebrations. With their unique design style, exceptional value, a variety of sizes, and top-tier partnerships, they make every occasion shine and feel extra special.

Davidsbridal are friendly experts, budget optimizers, and stress relievers, creating miracles for their diverse clients every day.


  • Extensive Product Selection: Offering a wide selection of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses, accessories and shoes to meet the needs of every wedding and special occasion.
  • Affordable prices: wedding dresses start at $299 and bridesmaid dresses start at $99.95, suitable for customers with different budgets.
  • Convenient Services: Offering free shipping, free fabric samples by appointment, flexible payment options and a convenient online shopping experience.
  • Physical store experience: With multiple physical stores, you can make appointments for try-ons and consultations, and provide personalized services.


  • Return Policy Restrictions: In some cases return policies are strict and may not fully meet the needs of all customers.
  • Limited stock: popular styles may sell out quickly, so order in advance.
  • Online shopping restrictions: Some customers may prefer the try-on experience in a physical store, and there may be size mismatch issues when purchasing online.

JF Apparel – China’s top dress manufacturer


JF Apparel is a manufacturer with over 26 years of experience in clothing manufacturing, based in Guangdong, China. Since 2008, we have been dedicated to offering top-notch manufacturing solutions and innovative design concepts to global clients. With this experience, we have become a leading dress manufacturer.

Our production services include women’s clothing such as dresses, tops, skirts, jumpsuits, shorts, knitwear, and casual wear. We hold multiple certifications and serve various sectors like fashion retail, e-commerce platforms, boutique stores, and corporate branding.

We are committed to providing high-quality products. JF Apparel ensures our clothing is durable and stylish, meeting the diverse needs of our global clientele. We are dedicated to delivering top-tier service in the apparel manufacturing industry.


  • Has extensive experience in clothing manufacturing.
  • Wide range of products and custom designs.
  • Fast sample production (3 days) and delivery (10 days).
  • High annual production capacity (2 million pieces).
  • High emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Rich customization options
  • Fast and safe delivery
  • competitive price


  • The website does not provide details about specific product features or customization options.

Jovani – American manufacturer of ethically made wedding guest dresses

Jovani Fashion empowers women through innovative designs, redefining the elegance of fashion with creations that enhance confidence and grace.

Founded in 1983 by Jacob Maslavi, Jovani Fashion started as a small team and quickly gained recognition for its extensive knowledge of fabrics and innovative cutting techniques, dedicated to showcasing the unique beauty of every woman.

With 41 years of history, Jovani now boasts nine collections and is sold in stores worldwide.


  • Wide selection: Jovani offers a wide range of designer dresses, including evening dresses, prom dresses, cocktail dresses, wedding dresses, and more, suitable for every occasion.
  • HIGH QUALITY: All dresses are made of high-quality fabrics and fine craftsmanship, ensuring high quality and unique design.
  • Stylish Design: Jovani gowns are known for their stylish and innovative designs, often seen on red carpets and fashion events.
  • User Friendly: The website is easy to navigate and provides detailed product descriptions and size guides for easy shopping.


  • Higher Price: As a high-end brand, Jovani’s dresses are higher priced and not suitable for all budgets.
  • Size restrictions: Certain styles may not be available in sizes large or small, limiting selection to specific sizes.
  • Return policy: Return and exchange policies may be strict and customers need to read the relevant terms carefully.

Renttherunway – Dress maker custom wedding guest dresses

Rent the Runway was co-founded by Jenn Hyman and Jenny Fleiss in 2009.

In 2008, Jenn’s sister Becky fell into debt after buying an expensive designer dress, inspiring Jenn to share the idea of renting designer clothing with Jenny at Harvard Business School.

They contacted designer Diane von Furstenberg, who provided them with business advice and good luck charms. In 2009, they set up a pop-up shop at Harvard, and after a successful trial, Rent the Runway officially launched in November.

In 2010, Rent the Runway expanded to include accessory rentals. In 2013, they introduced a plus-size category to democratize designer fashion. In 2014, the company opened its first standalone brick-and-mortar store in New York City. In 2016, they launched a monthly subscription service, revolutionizing how people experience fashion. Today, Rent the Runway continues to evolve its membership offerings, providing greater access to a vast closet of designer styles.


  • Diverse choices: Provide designer clothing rentals, including dresses, casual wear, accessories, etc., to meet the needs of various occasions.
  • Flexible leasing model: single leasing and monthly subscription services are provided, and users can choose the most suitable model according to their needs.
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable: Reduce fashion waste and promote environmental protection by renting instead of buying.
  • Convenient online service: The website design is simple and user-friendly, providing detailed product information and size guides.


  • Higher Prices: Rental fees for high-end designer brands are relatively high and may not fit all budgets.
  • Insufficient sizes: Some popular styles may be missing specific sizes, limiting the choices for some users.
  • Return policy: The return and exchange policy for rental products is strict, and users need to read the relevant terms carefully.

Balticborn – dress and gown manufacturer

Baltic Born was founded by three sisters with the goal of creating beautiful and timeless styles that empower women at every stage of life. Baltic Born aims to reflect their Scandinavian heritage and the symbolism of the Baltic Sea, a body of water with a rich history of power and trade, connecting the countries and people along its shores. Despite their different paths, the sisters have grown and united through constant challenges.

Baltic Born empowers women in their community to navigate their own paths daily. The team custom designs most pieces based on community needs and carefully selects products from trusted brands and wholesalers.

Eldest sister Allison has a deep understanding of community and sisterhood. Middle sister Angela drives the company’s growth and passion, excelling at finding solutions. Youngest sister Marianne is the catalyst for creativity and style, making Baltic Born an unmissable brand with her designs.


  • Wide Product Selection: Offering a wide range of women’s clothing including dresses, tops, pants, skirts and accessories for every occasion.
  • Stylish design: The design style is modern and fashionable to meet different tastes and needs.
  • User Friendly: The website is easy to navigate, provides detailed product descriptions and size guides, and provides a good shopping experience.
  • Flexible payment: Flexible payment options such as Afterpay and Klarna are provided to make shopping more convenient.


  • Prices are on the high side: Some products are on the higher side and may not fit all budgets.
  • Return policy: Return and exchange policies may be strict and users need to read the relevant terms carefully.
  • Limited stock: popular styles may sell out quickly and require advance order.

Petalandpup – American guest dress manufacturer wholesale clothing

Petal & Pup is a fashion and lifestyle brand focused on providing stylish women’s clothing, including dresses, tops, pants, skirts, and accessories.

Known for its carefully curated products and trendy designs, Petal & Pup aims to offer customers the latest fashion trends and high-quality shopping experiences.

The company also offers various membership services and flexible payment options like Afterpay and Klarna, making shopping more convenient.

Astrthelabel – American wedding guest dress and apparel manufacturer and supplier

Taking inspiration from the latest trends and a love for all things feminine, the creative team behind ASTR The Label immerses customers in a world of effortless beauty.

Since 2012, the brand has offered a wearable interpretation of attainable style for all occasions. Known for its romantic, chic designs, ASTR The Label delivers collections featuring contemporary sophistication and versatility.

Catering to the fashion needs of the #ASTRBabe, their garments are thoughtfully crafted for the modern woman, combining quality and on-trend styles.

When preparing to buy wedding guest dresses, be sure to check out our latest fashion collection! We offer a variety of stunning options, including elegant long gowns and chic cocktail dresses, ensuring you find the perfect attire for every special occasion. Whether you prefer classic simplicity or modern designs, our wedding guest dresses will make you shine at any wedding event.

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