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Can I provide my own tech packs, patterns, and samples?

Question: Can I provide my own tech packs, patterns, and samples?

Answer: Yes, you are welcome to provide your own tech packs and samples.

Please ensure that the tech packs you submit include technical drawings, construction details, size specs, and information about materials and components.

Regarding patterns, due to software compatibility and the ease of making changes, we prefer to create our own patterns. This approach helps us maintain consistency and quality in the production process.

Welcome to our FAQ section. Here, we explain how you can contribute to the garment production process by providing your own tech packs and samples. We value collaboration with our clients to ensure each garment reflects their vision and meets high-quality standards. While you can submit tech packs with all necessary details, we handle pattern making in-house to ensure the best outcomes, considering software compatibility and quality control.

Our team is dedicated to incorporating your ideas seamlessly into our production, maintaining the high standards we are known for. If you need guidance on preparing your submissions or have other inquiries, please contact us. We’re here to support you at every stage of production, from concept to completion.

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